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Here are 3 things that determine good literature

In many occasions, literature is considered as a form of art especially because of the creative use of language that is usually displayed by writers. Depending on the type of literature, writers will often apply their skill in the use of language to tell a story or express a view point in a way that is designed to spark the mind of the listener or the reader. In many occasions, literature will be written for the benefit of a reader or a listener.

In this article, we are going to look at 3 things that determine good literature.

The story is told from a 1stperson perspective

In literature, it has for a long time been acceptable for narrators to use the 2nd or 3rd person perspective when they are telling a story. Many critics however feel that these perspectives prevent the audience from connecting with the literature because it feels like a story being told by someone else which is actually the case. The beauty about using the 1st person perspective when telling a story is that it is told from the perspective of the main character therefore the audience are able to connect with them, feel what they are feeling, and even share in the experience of the character. This ensures that the audience can connect emotionally which is very important in literature.

The literature must be balanced

When it comes to literature, monotony has to be avoided at all costs. In saying so, balance is very critical when deciding the story line, the characters as well as their environment. Writers must ensure that they have a perfect balance between characters with high and low energy as opposed to having only one type, balance emotions such as pain, joy, laughter and anger among others, and ensure there is balance between good and evil. Too much of one thing at the expense of others may lead the audience to get bored and lose interest midway through. The literature must be as realistic as possible so that people can relate to it.

The literature must stand out

There are very many good writers therefore any writer who wants their literary works to be appreciated must ensure that it stands out from the crowd. Content must be original and the use of writing must be flawless. Most importantly, it must be a captivating storyline that the audience will find memorable.

As a writer, you must never shy away from taking risks because writers who are successful are those who take a chance and are bold enough to be different. As long as your work is appreciated by your audience, you are going to have a successful career.

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