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The 3 things that make art beautiful

Art has been used throughout history as a tool for communication as it’s one of the best ways to express emotions, desires, and feelings among many others, in a very beautiful way. It’s however worth pointing out that there are certain standards that have to be met in order for art to be considered as a work of beauty. These standards are more or less universal and will cut across the different forms of art. As a matter of fact, every artist is expected to adhere to these standards.

In this article, we are going to look at the 3 things that make art beautiful.

1 The visual appeal of the art

Art is usually meant to catch the eye of the viewer and this is the reason why it has to be visually appealing. The use of space, colour, shapes, texture, and so on must be perfectly married so that the art piece is pleasant to the eye. It’s therefore important for an artist to have a proper understanding of who their audience is so that they can ensure the art piece they come up with meets their expectations.

2 The symmetry in the art

Art must have symmetry in order for it to be eye catching. The way the artist makes use of repeated shapes, lines, patterns and so on in a way that is balanced all through the art is one of the factors that enhances the beauty of the art. An artist can’t achieve visual appeal without considering symmetry.

3 The focal point of the art

One of the key ingredients that enhance the beauty of any art piece is its focal point, its main centerpiece. Generally, in any piece of art, there has to be that one spot on the art that acts as the center of attention, the thing that draws the audience to the piece. Every other element in the piece must lead the audience to the center piece. Without this focal point, an art piece will appeal lost and without purpose.

All these things must come together in perfect harmony in order for the piece of art to be beautiful and this applies to all forms of art.

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