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The 4 most successful authors in the world

There are thousands of authors around the world who have been able to produce literature that has been impactful and transcended borders, gaining recognition and appreciation across different cultural contexts. However, the list of authors who have been able to achieve this consistently, through different publications that they put out is much smaller. In this […]

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5 main ways artists can give art meaning

Art is often timeless and this is primarily because of the meaning behind it. Many artists have used art as a tool of communication, carrying messages that have been able to transcend time. Art can carry different hidden meanings from political statements to messages about romance, pain or joy, and many others. The goal of […]

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These are the 3 most popular forms of art

Art began gaining true recognition during the European renaissance era when people started turning to art and literature as the ideal solutions to the socioeconomic challenges the continent was facing. Since then, the appreciation for both art and literature has been on the rise globally with different forms of art emerging, all attracting their own […]