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Art & Literature – 5 ways you can sell your work online

If you are an artist who is yet to make a name for themselves in the art industry it may always be a challenge getting your work out because you are yet to establish a brand that can be quickly recognized. It’s therefore a good idea to find creative ways of getting your work out into the market so that your audiences can know that you are out there and that you are producing good art pieces.

The online space therefore provides a good opportunity to get ether your art or literature out in a very cost effective manner that still gives you a very wide audience reach.

We look at 5 ways you can sell your work online.


ArtFire is an interactive global marketplacein the online space that enables artists and art buyers to connect. Artists and art buyers not only get a platform through which they can trade in art, but also a platform they can access valuable information about art thereby improving their knowledge.

Artist rising

Artist Arising is an interactive online platform that has created a community composed of independent and emerging artists who come from all around the world. This is a platform that creates opportunities for these artists to exchange ideas as well as have a ready market for their pieces.


As the largest retailer in the world, Amazon has been able to achieve this by diversifying its service offering and one of the ways it does this is through venturing into art. This is an online retail platform artist can make use of to sell their art pieces and because of the popularity of the platform, it can be a good opportunity for some much needed visibility.


Artplode is another interactive online platform where artists and art buyers get to have a market place to trade in art. This is a global platform that brings together dealers, collectors and art galleries, and one of the key selling points about the platform is that commissions are not charged to trade in any art pieces.


Artsy is a global online gallery where artists get to display their work for thousands of art buyers around the world. This particular platform allows artists to target different clusters of buyers because it’s possible through the platform to filter out searches in terms of price range and other preferences that the buyer may have.

Making use of such online spaces by putting up art pieces that stand out will go a long way in getting your brand some visibility. It may take a while, but it’s better than doing nothing.

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